How it works

1. Select your region using the interactive map

2. Purchase and download your selected region

3. Use your preferred tool to visualise the data

Pro Services

Annual Invoicing

For projects requiring the best possible data over a longer term.

API Access

Automated data retrieval directly to your application.


The latest, most up-to-date data sourced from around the world.

Flexible, scalable and enterprise ready.

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Use Cases

From telco to research institute to real estate data, our data powers products around the world.

3D Models

Create high quality, attribute-rich building layers for next-gen maps.


From thermo-dynamic to urban planning, put your data to work.


Build your own unique, powerful and instantly identifiable maps.

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Discover the power of 3dbuildings data: Download Philadelphia in GeoJSON and Shapefile formats. 100‚ÄČ000 buildings covering an area of eight square kilometers.

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